Hybrid contact lenses, a new visual hope for you!

You can't see well with glasses and you've been told you can't wear contact lenses?

Hybrid contact lenses, specially developed for vision correction in irregular corneas, offer the best of vision with semi-rigid lenses combined with the comfort of hydrophilic lenses.

These lenses provide comfort and good vision for people with irregular corneas.


- High and/or irregular corneal astigmatism
- Keratoconus
- Corneas after transplantation
- Pellucid marginal degeneration

Astigmatism is a visual problem a common condition that affects many people. It is characterised by irregular formation of the cornea or lens, causing all objects near or far to become distorted.


Why not improve your vision and renew your contact lens experience?

Until now, people with astigmatism had only two contact lens options, rigid or hydrophilic (soft).

- Hard lenses offer good vision, but often cause discomfort.
- Although comfortable, hydrophilic lenses do not correctly correct some astigmatisms, creating blurred vision.

The new hybrid lenses (special lenses) are the result of technological advances, providing an innovative solution with comfort and good vision, thus improving your quality of life.

The hybrid lens makes it possible to correct irregularities in the cornea, because by placing a perfectly spherical lens on an irregular cornea (astigmatic or with deformations, as in the case of the keratoconus), the tear between the lens and the cornea corrects these irregularities.


In fig. B, the cornea is irregular, and between it and the contact lens is the tear, which "regularises" the corneal surface. The end result is a lens whose anterior surface corresponds to the anterior face of the contact lens, the posterior surface is the posterior face of the cornea, formed by three distinct elements: the lens, the tear and the cornea.

Hybrid contact lenses combine a rigid centre and a soft edge.


- The rigid centre corrects high and irregular corneal astigmatism.
- The soft edge allows for lens stability and comfort.


These lenses are rotation-free, so they provide clear vision even after blinking. Another great feature of these lenses is that the lens does not touch the cornea, allowing for stability and comfort, especially for people with irregular corneas who suffer with traditional rigid lenses.

In special cases such as keratoconus (Keratoconus), the cornea is very irregular and glasses no longer offer good vision. In these situations, the use of hybrid lenses can be recommended, because their design allows them to adapt well to the irregularity of the cornea, avoiding displacement and the discomfort characteristic of ordinary rigid lenses.


The figure shows how the hybrid lens on the left and the semi-rigid lens on the right stabilise under the cornea with keratoconus.

If you have any of the visual problems mentioned above, you can find the solution at Centro Optico Ibérico.

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